Industrial Marking Products



          Listed below are a few of our most popular items.

Paintstik Markers: (Pictured above)

* Marks on any surface or material

* Long-lasting, weather resistant, fade resistant

*Available in standard and fluorescent colors

*Marking range: -50 deg. F to 1600 deg. F

Ultrascan Fluorescent Crayons (For all grade mark readers):

* Writes on wet and green lumber, even with a fungicide coating

* Temperature range: 0 deg. F to 100 deg. F

                                      (-17 deg C to 38 deg. C)

* Longer writing life and high strength formula

Scan-it Plus Grade Marking Crayon

* 14 available fluorescent colors in 3 hardnesses

*Available in two sizes: Hex (1/2" x 4-5/8") and Round (11/16"" X 4-5/8")

Also Available:
Specialty Markers
Tire Marking Crayons
Crayon Holders
Railroad Chalk
And Much More...


Additional marking products for all materials are available upon request.
Contact us for a free product brochure.

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